JMCFI Dominates Southern Mindanao PRISAA with Multiple Championships

In a display of unparalleled skill and unwavering determination, the Jose Maria College Foundation Inc. (JMCFI) athletes emerged as the undisputed champions of the fiercely contested Southern Mindanao PRISAA (Private Schools Athletic Association) Athletic Meet.

Over the course of two exhilarating days, JMCFI’s athletes delivered extraordinary performances, amassing an impressive tally of 6 gold medals and 1 silver medal.

The college basketball division bore witness to a breathtaking showcase of talent as the formidable JMCFI Kings left spectators awestruck.

Overpowering their opponents, the PRISAA Davao team composed mainly of the JMCFI Kings secured a resounding victory with a commanding score of 90-63. Their seamless teamwork and relentless pursuit of excellence left no doubt about their status as true champions.

Not content with a single triumph, the JMCFI Royals, an exceptionally strong volleyball team, dominated both the collegiate and high school categories.

With unwavering resolve and exceptional skills, they claimed championship crowns, firmly establishing themselves as the event’s overall winners.

Meanwhile, the table tennis team displayed unparalleled finesse, clinching an impressive collection of 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal.

These exceptional athletes, representing the pinnacle of Southern Mindanao’s sporting prowess, are now set to embark on their journey to the highly anticipated 2023 National Meet.

From July 12 to July 20, Zamboanga City will serve as the battleground where they will clash with the nation’s finest competitors, driven by their determination to bring glory to their region.

JMCFI not only showcased its dominance in the field of sports but also demonstrated its hospitality as a gracious host of the Southern Mindanao PRISAA.

The superb facilities and warm welcome provided by JMCFI played a significant role in the event’s resounding success, earning them the well-deserved recognition by the PRISAA officials as the “best venue.”

Mdm. Ma. Lita A. Montalban, President of Southern Mindanao PRISAA and President/CEO of EMAR Human and Environmental College, expressed her deepest gratitude to JMCFI and its Founding President Rev. Dr. Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy. Their extraordinary generosity and unwavering support were pivotal in making this exceptional sporting event a spectacular success.

As JMCFI revels in the glory of their dominant performance at the Southern Mindanao PRISAA, all eyes are now fixed on their upcoming endeavors at the national level.

With their unparalleled talent and unwavering spirit, they are poised to leave an indelible mark on the 2023 National Meet, showcasing the true essence of Southern Mindanao’s athletic excellence and setting new standards of achievement in the realm of sports.