Jose Maria College Foundation, Inc. Donates School Chairs to Public High Schools in Davao Region

The Jose Maria College Foundation, Inc. has recently donated school chairs to two public high schools in the Davao region. This act of kindness will go a long way in enhancing the learning experience of the students, who will now be able to comfortably sit and focus on their studies.

Bernardino B. Bosque National High School and Montevista Stand Alone Senior High School were the lucky recipients of this donation. The former received 185 armchairs, while the latter received 500 armchairs. The chairs were received by the school principals, Mr. Nick Jamisola and Mr. Jason Eyana, respectively.

Both school heads expressed their sincere gratitude for this generous donation. They acknowledged that the school chairs will have a positive impact on the students’ learning experience, as it will greatly improve comfort during class and will result in a better learning environment and ultimately, better academic performance.

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