JMC Law dominates Bar Exams; produces 39 new lawyers

Rank 5 out of 19 Law School in the Philippines for schools with 51 to 100 candidates for all Takers for bar Exam 2022 , JMCFI College of Law Bar Passer, Bas Passer 2022 Get that Bar 2022

In a stunning display of excellence, the JMCFI College of Law has produced 39 new lawyers who successfully hurdled the tough 2022 Bar Examinations. In a live stream broadcast on April 14, 2023, the Supreme Court of the Philippines announced that the school is in the No. 3 spot for first-time takers with 51-100 examinees and the No. 5 spot for all takers with 51-100 examinees, a clear manifestation of top-notch legal education and training.

The 38 new lawyers are as follows:

  • 1. Atty. Michelle Alaba Malazarte
  • 2. Atty. April Gem Balucanag Balansag
  • 3. Atty. Gladys Libo-on Bantilan
  • 4. Atty. Kelvin Laurel Banuelos
  • 5. Atty. Terry Louise Pareja Boligor
  • 6. Atty. Paul Zandrix Acana Burgos
  • 7. Atty. Kristelle May Obligado Cagatin
  • 8. Atty. Lourie Mae Iyo Calope
  • 9. Atty. Ada Hyasmin Siadan Dalian
  • 10. Atty. Armando Jr. Delos Reyes Dalisay
  • 11. Atty. Ralph Pacaonces Dela Cruz
  • 12. Atty. Cesar John Cascarro Dela Serna
  • 13. Atty. Mary Bessadel Bermejo Dulay
  • 14. Atty. Ramon Khalil IV Calo Erum
  • 15. Atty. Nhassie John Gumanas Gonzaga
  • 16. Atty. Ernie Ysalina Gultiano
  • 17. Atty. Jonathan Jr. Sison Hermino
  • 18. Atty. Erick Jay Noro Inok
  • 19. Atty. Noven John III Basadre Jusayan
  • 20. Atty. Jean Marie Piyao Laurente
  • 21. Atty. Maria Lourdes Molina Lopena
  • 22. Atty. Leslie Roldan Lucas
  • 23. Atty. Lady Dianne Espere Maramion
  • 24. Atty. Ruchelle Louise Almarines Medado-Mangudadatu
  • 25. Atty. Jan-Lawrence Paquera Olaco
  • 26. Atty. Vicente Adrian Pajaro
  • 27. Atty. Lyndzelle Jane Dapitan Paniza
  • 28. Atty. Warren Duran Pontimayor
  • 29. Atty. Leo Artemio Abalo Puertos
  • 30. Atty. Marynit Prado Rivera
  • 31. Atty. Faith Imee Dingcong Roble
  • 32. Atty. Shirley Kris Manalo Romblon
  • 33. Atty. Marlou Villarico Suralta
  • 34. Atty. Diann Kathelline Aborque Tado
  • 35. Atty. Cesnee Joyce Vizconde Tan
  • 36. Atty. Jose Darwin Jr. Maningo Trinidad
  • 37. Atty. Victoria Huelva Victor
  • 38. Atty. Jules Andre Bell Vosotros
  • 39. Atty. Rolan Klyde Kho Yap

The JMC Law community is ecstatic and proud of these law graduates’ achievements, which serve to manifest the school’s commitment to excellence in legal education. Congratulations to the newly minted lawyers!


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