JMarian gains 2nd place in FDA’s nat’l poster-making

JMarian gain 2nd place in FDA's nat'l poster-making

Championing consciousness in the battle against counterfeit medicine, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Philippines hosted a poster-making competition in which a JMarian landed second place.

Third-year Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) student John Vincent A. Medillo received a 75.10% grade in the National Consciousness Week Against Counterfeit Medicine (NCWACM) 2023 Poster-Making Contest organized by FDA, making him take the second place in the competition.

In an interview with The JMarian, Medillo shared his preparation for the contest.

“In crafting my masterpiece, my focus was on conveying a powerful message through the poster. The central theme revolved around ‘Strengthening Communication and Unity Through Collaboration in Combating Counterfeit Medicine’,” Medillo said.

“I aimed to shed light on the rampant issue of counterfeit medicine in the Philippines, emphasizing its impact on the users,” he added.

Medillo further shared that his preparation involved “careful planning and attention to detail to create a visually compelling representation of the issue and the collective efforts to address it”.

Medillo also shared that winning second place in the contest filled him with immense pride and excitement. “It marked a significant accomplishment, especially as my first major competition at the national level. The recognition strengthened my passion for creating meaningful artwork, motivating me to pursue my creative endeavors with even more enthusiasm and dedication.,” he further shared.

Medillo won the prize of ₱10,000.00 for winning second place in the tilt.

(Photo courtesy of Food and Drug Administration FB Page)


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