May 25, 2017


JMC Carving the Masterpiece

Man can be a masterwork of education…

In 2002, visionary founder Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy established the Jose Maria College where students would be molded into law-abiding, God fearing and morally upright individuals. Pastor Apollo longed to provide a cocoon where students learn in an atmosphere of genuine love and discipline imbibing into themselves a strict standard of excellence and an ingrained compassion for fellowmen and community

Since its establishment, JMC has flourished into one of the most sought after award winning institutions in both academics and non-academics in the region. See more.

Multi ethnicity is one of the reasons students flock to JMC. As a non-sectarian learning institution with the vision to become a world class educational entity in the Philippines and in the Asia Pacific Region, the Jose Maria College is uniquely dedicated to superior academic achievements. Its varied high quality academic programs which are unswervingly ranking among the best, and scholarships make JMC consistently successful as evidenced by the influx of students regardless of social class and religious affiliations.


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To address the increasing demands for more law schools in the Davao Region, a new college of law has emerged in the city after 54 long years. The JMC College of Law has been established to provide affordable but quality legal education. 

Davao's population has grown tremendously over the years and the existence of only two law schools in the city has forced many qualified candidates to access legal education beyond its boundaries. The Southern part of the Davao region only has one law school,while the northen part has two (2). But with the birth of the JMC College of Law, more law students will have better access to a kind of education that will prepare them for a career in the legal market and train them for service, reponsibility and leadership.

The JMC College of Law offers two curricula: a five-year and four-year program. The five-year program is the first in Davao and in Mindanao as it was designed to cater to the needs of working students.

School Founding President Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy ensures that the law school has the most complete and advanced facilities. At the main lobby is a central atrium/student lounge where students and faculty may gather informally in study groups, meet for extracurricular activities, or simply relax in between classes. The classrooms/lecture halls are adjacent to each other, very spacious, well-lit, and fully air-conditioned with separate comfort rooms for male and female students.

Teaching is even made more effective with the help of overhead LCD projectors, and to guarantee a high degree of classroom interaction, the size of all first year classes will be kept to 40 or less.

Each lecture hall is provided with a strong internet connection to allow the faculty members to incorporate the latest information while delivering lectures. It is also well-furnished with a Moot Court Hall which is like a practical court room for students to get accustomed to the atmosphere of courts, a perfect setting for real court scenarios to hone their skills in law and advocacy of law. Its full air-conditioned library provides an ideal and peaceful ambience for undistracted pursuit of knowledge and skills.

With its highly qualified law professors, who are judges, prosecutors and attorneys from a variety of private practice areas, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy believes that legal practitioners who are excellent, effective, ethical and socially responsible and who will become advocates of peace and equal opportunities for all, will soon emerge.

JMC takes pride in this milestone for it gives the institution the opportunity to continue its tradition of excellence and become the training ground for distinguished  legal practitioners and public servants.

The College of Law is the brainchild of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy and takes a cue from his excellent leadership, thus,bannering the tagline, "EXCELLENCE IS THE NORM."

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