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Admission to the JMC Law School is determined by the Dean on the basis of the applicant’s scholastic records, ability and character. Only those who show mental and moral faculties which would make them fit for the noble professions of law are admitted into the program.


1.Holder of a Baccalaureate program
2.Must have earned the following number of units in:
a.English - 18 units
b.Social Sciences - 18 units
c.Mathematics - 6 units
3.Must pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) composed of:
4.Application form
5.2 passport size pictures
6.Payment of entrance and other prescribed fees
7.Original Birth Certificate
8.Certificate of good moral character

Applicants who would like to enroll in non-credit law subject may be admitted as special students and may enroll in such as approved by the Dean. He shall not be allowed to enroll in more than six (6) units per semester and must limit his enrollment to not more than four (4) consecutive semesters. At any case, subjects taken shall not be credited.

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