COMETS’ ABO blood typing activity exceeds participant expectation

The initiative of the Coalesced Organization of Medical Technologists (COMETS) to administer ABO blood typing activity on September 19, 2023, gained a turnout of 147 participants—an overwhelming, almost doubled registrant statistics.

Knowing one’s blood type is crucial information that can possibly save one’s life or someone else’s. This must be the reason why there was a great turnout of participants in the said activity.

While it really is painful having your middle finger be pricked with a needle, it really helped me clear up the misconceptions I had. I actually thought that I was O positive, but it turns out that I’m actually B positive. So it really is helpful in clearing up any misunderstanding”, Shaena Mae Estolas, a participant, expressed.

With its anticipated number of participants to only 75, COMETS tallied a total of 147 JMarian students and employees who participated in the activity.

In the celebration of the 48th Medical Technology Week, Ms. Queen Jane M. Bacon, RMT, MSMT, the program head of the Program Head of Medical Laboratory Science, instituted the project team to provide the JMCFI stakeholders—students and employees alike—with information about the type of blood they have.

This move upholds the Jose Maria College Foundation‘s goal of shaping the future of Medical Technologists in saving lives one treacle of blood at a time.


  • Lord Vincent Van Mendoza

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